about shahrzad series

Shahrzad is a romantic and historical television series directed by Hassan Fathi, starred by Shahab Hosseini, Taraneh Alidousti, Ali Nasirian and Mostafa Zamani. It is the heart-breaking story of a love triangle which is set during the 1950s. A crime romance melodrama that proves: “In the whirlwind of events, love is the first victim.”
Shahrzad featuring three generations of artists, has been the most expensive and the most magnificent TV series that narrates a love story in Old Tehran during the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. Hassan Fathi, director and writer of Shahrzad has also made television series like Heroes Never Die, The Forbidden Fruit, Zero Degree Turn and The Tenth Night. Shahrzad is the third production of Tasvir-Gostar Pasargad Film Company.


Shahrzad (Taraneh Alidousti) is the educated and intellectual daughter of one of Bozorg Agha’s henchmen. She studies medicine in the best university of Iran during those days when women were reluctant to higher education. She has been in love with Farhad the son of his father’s closest friend since she was a teenager and would do anything to be with him. Both families are aware of their love for each other and are expecting their marriage in near future. However, the love story of Shahrzad and Farhad enters a new stage after the 1953 Iranian coup d’état . During the coup chaos, Farhad unintentionally gets into trouble and ends up in prison consequently. Shahrzad asks Bozorg Agha for help and he sets a condition . He agrees to save Farhad only if Shahrzad would break her engagement with him, becomes the second wife of Bozorg Agha’s nephew, Ghobad and gives birth to the inheritor of the Divan Sallar’s Family.


Farhad (Mostafa Zamani) , A real lover and a literary journalist who has been expelled from university, for his political activities at the time of Dr. Mosadegh’s premiership. During the coup on August 18, 1953 he accidentally kills a rioter. He then gets arrested and sentenced to death due to political issues of that time. While awaiting execution, he gets freed with the help of Bozorg Agha who uses the influence he has amongst the coup heads. After getting released, he who is in love with Shahrzad, hears about her marriage with the nephew of Bozorg Agha. The news ruins his life like a massive earthquake. He doesn’t have the slightest idea why his beloved Shahrzad would stoop to such a marriage. Yet, no one would tell him the truth about Shahrzad’s marriage.


Ghobad (Shahab Hosseini) is a complicated character. Neither his origin nor his past is clear. He appears to be Bozorg Agha’s nephew and to keep him under his own wings, Bozorg Agha has married his own daughter Shirin, to him. Ghobad is hopeless and extremely unhappy with his marriage. He finds nothing in common with his cousin and now his wife. The casino he manages is all that keeps him going. To forget his lifeless marriage, he buries himself in drinking and smoking every night. Initially, he accepts Bozorg Agha’s offer to marry Shahrzad in order to bring an heir to the family, just like he would follow any other of his orders without question. But as soon as he lays eyes on Shahrzad at the wedding ceremony for the first time, he falls desperately in love with her. Now with Shahrzad in his life, everything changes for the better. He is given life again and he starts experiencing a pleasant life with her .


Shirin (Parinaz Izadyar) , The only daughter of Bozorg Agha who was not in the car with the other members of the family on the day of the accident. An arrogant rich girl who is not at all concerned about others. She is married to his cousin whom she loves wholeheartedly, with respect to her father’s wish. However, she cannot tolerate Ghobad’s ill temper and negligence. Her biggest weak point is her fertility problems which she would not accept. Instead, she puts the blame on her husband. Shirin put through a trauma once Ghobad and Shahrzad are married. She tries every way to get rid of Shahrzad as she knows about Ghobad’s love for her.

Bozorg Agha

Bozorg Agha (Ali Nasirian) , A real godfather who has a strong role in the country’s political events. He is the prominent example of a Don Corleone in The Godfather with the same characteristics. He would do anything to keep himself and his family safe.He has a great influence on the imperial court of the King of Iran ( Mohammad Reza Shah) and with only a hand gesture, he can either save a person convicted to death penalty or orders to kill dozens of people . Bozorg Agha has lost his wife and two sons in a car accident couple of years ago. His daughter Shirin and his nephew Ghobad, a married couple, are his only inheritors to keep the Divan Sallar’s wealth within the family. However, Shirin and Ghobad are not a happy couple. Shirin suffers from fertility problems and Ghobad is not quite fond of this marriage and his cousin. Bozorg Agha is pretty concerned about his daughter’s married life and the future of his family .


Mohamad Mehdi Soltani

رفیق قدیمی جمشید و زیردست بزرگ آقاست . از قبل زندگی اشرافی و پرنفوذ بزرگ آقا به یک فرش فروشی رسیده و اوضاع خوبی دارد . شخصیتی احساساتی است و خیلی بیشتر از جمشید انسانیت دارد . به همین دلیل هم هست که مدام درباره تمام اتفاقات دم و دستگاه بزرگ آقا با یک جور تردید مواجه است .


Mahmoud Pakniyat

با اینکه دوست صمیمی هاشم است ، اما اخلاق و رفتارش عملا شبیه او نیست . هر کاری برایش منفعت داشته باشد ، انجام می دهد و حتی در این مسیر ، دخترش را هم قربانی می کند . کلا آدمی است که درگیری های ذهنی زیادی دارد . از یک طرف میل به خوبی و خوب بودن دارد و از طرف دیگر دلش می خواهد همانی باشد که بزرگ آقا می خواهد . درواقع تمام رفتار و حالاتش ظاهر سازی است . به همین دلیل هم هست که بزرگ آقا خیلی بیشتر از هاشم روی او حساب باز می کند . او از کنار دم و دستگاه بزرگ آقا به رستورانی مجلل رسیده و حاضر نیست تحت هیچ شرایطی آن را از دست بدهد .


Abolfazl PourArab

نوچه یا دستیار اصلی و مستقیم بزرگ آقاست . درواقع تنها کسی است که بزرگ آقا او را به خلوتش راه می دهد و در تمام مسائل ریز و درشت دخالتش می دهد . کم حرف می زند و همه جا حضور دارد .