Hasan Fathi

Hassan Fathi is an Iranian screenwriter and film director who earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Shahid Beheshti University and his Master’s degree in Directing from Azad University.He wrote and directed some theater productions, such as ‘Hey Hey Matador’ in 1990 and ‘In the Cold Streets of the Night’ in 1994.Afterwards, he directed two Tele-theater mysteries in 1994 and 1997, which were based on Agatha Christie’s novels.Fathi has directed a few movies as well, including ‘Marriage Iranian Style’ (2004), ‘Retribution’ (2009), and ‘Another Day’ (2011).He has also directed a number of series, including ‘Heroes Don’t Die’ (1995-1997), ‘Tomorrow’s Too Late’ (1997-1998), ‘The Tenth Night’ (2001), ‘Lighter than Darkness’ (1999-2002), ‘Zero Degree Turn’ (2007), ‘The Forbidden Fruit’ (2007), ‘Tears and Smiles’ (2008-2009), ‘On the Way to Zayandeh Rood’ (2010), ‘The Times’ (2012), and ‘Shahrzad’ (2014-2015).In 2011, Fathi won The Golden Statue from The Society of Film Critics & Writers for ‘Retribution’.